Hamelin Bay, Karridale

There are so many beautiful beaches in Australia’s South West it’s hard to know which one to visit first!

Hamelin Bay would have to be one at the top of the list – it’s nothing short of magical.

For starters its located in the scenic Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in Karridale so even in the middle of summer everything is lush, green and humming with life.


It has a vast stretch of sparkling white sand and crystal clear turqoise water.


It is rich in local history, the Hamelin Bay Jetty was built in 1882 to service the local timber mills and part of it still remains at the beach today.



The most exciting part of Hamelin Bay is the wild Sting-Rays that congregate at the boat ramp.


They are super friendly and will swim right up to you, I have never seen anything like it!



Sting-Rays are highly revered and protected in Hamelin Bay. Fishing them is not only prohibited huge fines can incur.

They feed off the scraps of fisherman and I have seen people pat them and heard that people feed them.

Please be aware that these Sting-Rays are wild animals, some with venomous barbs, so it is advised not to touch them and to stay several meters away.


Facilities at Hamelin Bay include parking, public toilets and showers, a boat ramp and if you would like to stay a bit longer there is the idyllic Hamelin Bay Holiday Park.