Your Margaret River Region

The Busselton & Margaret River Tourism authorities have recently amalgamated to become The Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (MRBTA)  and have a beautiful new website!



The thing I love most about the new website the most that it is beautiful, clear & simple.
Taking something that is vast and complex and making it simple is one of the hardest things to do and, as many of the worlds past and present geniuses believe, a sign of true greatness. The creators know the region so well that they have been able to take an enormous amount of information and present it in a way that people understand.

I was truly honoured when they asked me to come on board as a blogger, travelling around the region finding the best places to eat, rest, play & explore. It’s the job of my dreams and it is so great to work with people that are as passionate about the region as I am!

My favourite part of my experiences so far is meeting the people behind each operation I review.
One of the things I have noticed about so many people in this region is they are so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and how they do it.  There is a lot of pride and heart put into what they do which is obvious when you give them your full attention and encourage them to talk about it.
Something that on paper might seem a bit ordinary comes alive and becomes extraordinary when they start telling their story. Their energy is contagious and I hope you feel it too in my writing.

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