Ironstone Gully Falls, Capel River

Nestled in the Jarrah forest between Donnybrook and Capel is the peaceful and interesting Ironstone Gully Falls.


Ironstone is interesting because it starts off as a winding stream which is covered with a smooth rock base, some of it is above the water level and other sections are hollowed out rock pools that range from ankle to calf deep.

The main waterfalls drop over a nine-meter rock face.

There are also a couple of smaller waterfalls cascading off rocks around the stream too.

One of the great things about Ironstone is that it is a lot easier to get to than other waterfalls. It’s about a forty minute drive from the Bunbury CBD and once you pull in from the road you are practically there. You only have to walk a few meters from the side of the stream to see the main waterfalls.

Turn here

Turn here

I walked to see the waterfall easily by stepping on the dry rocks and my little boys had a great time splashing about in the clear shallow rock pools with their gumboots.

Wet rocks can be slippery so be sure to take care when you are walking and pack a spare change of clothes and shoes just in case.
If you are feeling more adventurous you can easily climb down a few big rocks and follow the stream around the bottom.


There are family sized picnic tables overlooking the stream with BBQ facilities and a long drop toilet.
You can even camp there!
The word on the street is that you might be able to catch a few Redfin or Marron in these waters but I can’t find any information to confirm that.

I visited Ironstone in the spring time after some rain and was treated to a clear flowing stream, full waterfalls, and beautiful wildflowers.


Ironstone Gully Falls is located on 1813 Goodwood Road, Capel River in the shire of Capel. For more information check out the Shire of Capel website.